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Daytime Running Lights controller
This processor driven controller in its simplest installation form monitors the vehicle battery and switches Daytime Running Lights on or off according to the charge voltage applied to the battery when the engine is running.

With the increasing amount of vehicular traffic on our roads today, the chances of being involved in a crash is rising on a daily basis. Most drivers would appreciate that if they could add equipment to their cars that may give them a better than even chance of safely driving on the roads, they would cheerfully hand over the money. With all new vehicles arriving with Daytime Running Lights already fitted, these simple lights have proven to make a dent (pun inteneded) in the crash statistics. Although mounting appropriate LED lights and switching them on is easy enough, to make them operate according to the regulations requires some electronic wizardry. These regulations are available from the Government website and from time to time are changed or updated. For instance, were you aware that if the daytime running lights are mounted within 45mm of the vehicle indicators, during the time that the indicators are operating, the running light on that same side of the vehicle must be extinguished. Observe some of the newer vehicles when they are making turns to see this effect.

Retrofitting of this type of device can be invasive to modern vehicles and so an easy add on unit is preferable. This is one such unit. At the least, only positive and negative from the battery plus a wire from the parking lights and one to the daytime running lights are all that is required to make this work.

A full description plus User Guide can be read here.