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My Tower


Being a radio amateur since 1972, I have had the opportunity to design and build many projects related to amateur radio and electronics in general. It seemed like time to put as much detail of these on record so that if anyone else found them interesting or helpful, then at least it was not all just for myself. Along the way associates have either worked with me on a project or have given permission to reprint their own projects or articles as well. As I have just started to construct this website in 2012, I have a long way to go, so bear with me while I put it together. I hope you find something of interest to you as this will make it all worthwhile. If you come across anything that you think breaches copyright or is plagiarized, please email me via the contact page and I will be happy to remove or amend the offending section. Of course I build projects from kits as well so there may be references to those original articles but acknowledgement will be given to the originator where applicable. These projects were never destined to be sold commercially but if there is enough interest shown in a particular project, it may be worth my while setting up kits or at least PCBs and pre-programmed processor chips. You can only ask. Good luck and good searching.

73s Albert VK3BQO


Proudly a member since 1978 of Gippsland Gate Radio & Electronics Club in Cranbourne - south east of Melbourne Victoria, Australia.




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